Monday, November 23, 2009

Sprinkle Cupcake Pops!

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Flower Cupcake Pops

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Turkey Cupcake Pops

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Pilgrim Hats

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Horton Hears A Who

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cupcakes That Won't Make The Menu

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As many of you know, I borrow many of my ideas from fabulous bakers out there and then put my own little spin on the creations.  The opportunity to sell my cupcakes twice a week at the deli has given me the opportunity to try different cupcake creations to see exactly what works and what doesn't.  During this time, I have definitely found some ideas that just don't seem to work and probably will NEVER see the menu here at Jack's.

Here are the cupcakes that don't make the cut:

 Spooky Halloween Brownies
I found the recipe for these very cool brownies at  I thought these would make fabulous toppers to my cupcakes and they seemed very easy to make.  After all, these cupcakes are made for begining bakers.  Well, Betty Crocker, let's just say I will be sticking to your cake mixes and skip your decorating ideas.  My cupcakes were very messy and looked like a little kid decorated them!  How could I sell them when they looked like they were made by preschoolers?!  Let's just say, this receipe won't tried again.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes
I was asked to make Dr. Seus cupcakes for my nephew's 1st birthday.  I was a little disappointed that another fellow baker was given the opportunity to make the "main" birthday cake.  However, I thought, "this is great!  I have less pressure to make a fabulous cake and I will show them how gorgeous my cupcakes are!   I will wow all the guests with my amazing cupcakes and then I will get lot's of orders for other birthday parties!"  Well, not with this receipe I didn't.  I found this receipe for Thing 1 & Thing 2 cupcakes at that are made out of red velvet cake and blue cotton candy.  I thought it was perfect.  Does anyone know how hard it is to find blue cotton candy in Tampa?  Very hard!  I only found the containers that had pink and blue cotton candy smashed together in the same bucket, which meant it had to be separated.  I'm not sure if you reader's know this, but cotton candy has a shelf like of about an hour once it is exposed to air.  Then it starts deflating.  If you calculate the shelf life into the amount of time it took to separate the blue from the pink cotton candy, it didn't give me much time.  My Thing 1 & Thing 2 cupcakes made it not even fifteen minutes before they were completly deflated.  My deflated cupcakes looked similar to these:

These are definitely the saddest looking cupcakes I have ever seen.  Let's just say, I didn't get any orders after this birthday party.

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